Monday, March 29, 2010

Spunky and Susie

Spunky was our girl for about 11 years. We were in Jackson at an adoption event when we were approached by a man who'd found some puppies in an abandoned house. We were so thankful and surprised that he’d traveled all the way to Jackson from Winona, MS, nearly a two-hour drive, to find help for the pups. After thanking him repeatedly we told him that our sanctuary was just 11 miles from Winona, but that his effort had uplifted our spirits.

We had few adoptions in those days and few people considered larger dogs, even when pups. Our Spunky and her brother Mikey were the two siblings not adopted. They were a bit timid and until recently had their own enclosure. They were tough on visitors. Not too long ago they joined other dogs - some younger, some shyer, but all new friends.

One morning recently our Spunky was having trouble getting around and didn’t seem know us. We aren’t sure exactly what happened, but she faded fast and Dr. Abernathy helped her pass.

Like everyone we lose, she has left a huge hole and we miss her dearly.


Susie came to us by way of the Mississippi Animal Rescue League (MARL) about 5 years ago. Susie was surrendered to MARL by her guardian who claimed the she had bitten him on several occasions. Susie lived with us for several years and we never had any instance of her biting people. We knew her to be sweet and good-natured and a lover of watermelon and bananas.

We truly enjoyed the time we spent with Susie and she, too, will be greatly missed.


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