Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rescuing from a Rescuer and a Transport

In late March we teamed up with the Mississippi Animal Rescue League (MARL) to help almost 100 dogs rescued from a "rescuer."

The woman involved in this case is known in Mississippi for her rescue work. One nearby town pays her a fee to accept their unwanted dogs. In reality, she was not set up to take in and care for large numbers of dogs. Most of the dogs suffered from advanced mange and malnutrition. And as expected most have tested positive for heartworms, and many are unsocial.

This was the third recent so-called "sanctuary" or "rescue" to be closed in Mississippi in just the past few weeks. The lesson of the story is to carefully check out any such people or places before relinquishing animals. Sometimes, these places don't merit the term "sanctuary" or "rescue."

But there is a happy ending and new beginning.

Today some of these dogs along with others from the Cleveland, MS Animal Shelter and several from the Jackson, MS area are bound for Every Creature Counts (ECC) for new lives and forever homes in the Denver area. Altogether 66 animals rolled out of Project Hope this morning for the long drive to Colorado. In just about 24 hours these animals will begin the intake process at ECC and be readied for their big adoption event this weekend.


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