Thursday, December 31, 2009

Alumni Update

From time to time we hear from families who’ve adopted dogs from our animal sanctuary in Mississippi, Project Hope. Here are a few recent updates we’ve received from happy guardians of dogs adopted from Project Hope.

J.R. Update

Eddie and Robbie are the proud parents of J.R., short for Jacob Robert. They adopted J.R. from an Every Creature Counts event at Petsmart in Denver when he was just 4 months old. J.R. was initially adopted and returned a week later by his first adopters. Eddie and Robbie stepped up and now J.R. is in his permanent forever home.

JR with Eddie.

J.R. is a smart boy, having completed Intermediate Training at Petsmart - skipping over Puppy Training completely. He enjoys running like crazy at the park, playing ball with his daddies and just hanging out at home with his four cat buddies, Sophie, Galactica, Phoenix and Sugar.

Eddie, Robbie, J.R. and the rest of the gang now reside in Arizona and J.R. loves being back in a warmer climate where he can spend more time in the great outdoors year round. Eddie sums it up best, "we couldn't ask for a better dog, he is a very loyal and loving companion and is very much loved (and spoiled) by his family. Thank you for bringing this wonderful animal to ECC, and giving us this wonderful loving little man!"

Thanks Eddie and Robbie - we're so happy you adopted J.R. and are giving him the life he so deserves.

Rene Update

Rene poses for the camera.

Rene was dumped on Project Hope several months ago by her previous guardian who simply couldn't care for her any longer. Doll and the staff fell completely in love with her and the idea was tossed around to let her live out her life at Project Hope, but Doll decided to give her a chance at a good home and Rene transported her to Every Creature Counts in Denver. Her new family adopted her from a Petsmart event in September. Rene, now named Sophie, has a wonderful new life and spends her days with her new family.

Sonya and Lillian Update

The inseparable Sonya and Lilly.

Lillian was rescued after having been abandoned and starving and was with us for months, close to a year when some dear friends, who’d adopted from us previously called to say they were ready to adopt another dog. They wanted to save an older dog who was less likely to be adopted. Lillian came out to say hello and immediately latched on to the children and actually climbed into their van. They then spotted Sonya, was also rescued starving on the side of the road. I told them her story and she came out to meet them. The choice was too tough to make and the family was on the verge of tears. They left to think things over and within days called to say there was no choice to make, both girls would come home. We were ecstatic.

Ellie Update

We updated Ellie's story back in April, but we love hearing from folks who've adopted dogs from Project Hope and Ellie's mom, Susan, e-mailed us a brief update, so we thought we'd share.

Susan writes, "She is absolutely the perfect addition to our family. She is so very smart and wants to please. Ellie and our four year old yellow lab, Miles, are the very best of friends and spend most of the day chasing around the yard and chewing on their bones. I so made the right decision that day in Petsmart when I saw her in that kennel. Thanks for rescuing her and giving us the chance to enjoy her company. She is a great dog and deserved a second chance. I have to tell you she is just on the edge of being a very spoiled puppy and she loves it."

Thank you Susan for the update. Ellie had a rough time and we're thrilled that she's found such a great home.


Friday, December 18, 2009

Big Cat Follow-up

Cookie ready for transport.

from Doll:

Hi all,

I was in Florida last week for a mini-vacation and visited Big Cat Rescue. This is the group that came to the rescue of Cookie and Alex, tigers, and Freckles, a liger. A Gore Springs, Mississippi man we’d worked with in the past was having to close his big cat sanctuary. Financial problems and a change in life-plans caused him to move from the area. Rita Montgomery, their faithful caregiver, continued to care for the animals for months after her salary was suspended and her husband, Don, our groomer, made needed repairs to their quarters during this time. Not being set up for large cats we reached out for help. Big Cat Rescue came forward. They drove up from Tampa and took the three cats back to their new home. Visiting them brought tears to my eyes.

I first meet Freckles when we took on one of the most egregious cruelty cases we’ve worked. Catherine Twiss bred and bought 86 lions, tigers, bears, cougars, a camel, and Freckles, the liger. These animals lived in knee deep waste, cattle bones, and urine. Their water containers had been chewed far beyond use. The animals were watered when Catherine and her husband walked by their cages spraying hose water into their shamefully tiny, filthy cages. I could go on about the horrid conditions, but I'll spare you the gory details.

The story of freeing the animals from this nightmare is lengthy, filled with victories, much good will and effort, but not happily ever after for all of the animals. These cats would have to adjust to another home and new caregivers. They were however blessed that their new home and dedicated guardians would be with Big Cat Rescue. We’re grateful to this outstanding organization for caring for theses and the 130 other animals they have rescued.


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