Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Midnight's Forever Home

Midnight - laid back as ever.

In November of 2006, Project Hope’s Doll and Jeff were investigating reports of neglect of a Calhoun County horse. While investigating the complaint of the neglected horses, they stumbled across a couple of puppies on the property as well. One was thin and nearly hairless from mange and the other appeared to have already succumbed to starvation, but upon closer inspection was still alive. He also suffered from mange and had an injury to his right front wrist area that looked like a bite wound. An injury he still carries with him to this day.

Both pups were immediately taken to the vet and treated for their mange and parasites. The veterinary staff that initially cared for them named them Midnight and Moon.

Moon was soon adopted, but people looking for “shepherds” passed over Midnight because he was mixed.

Midnight lived at Project Hope for more than 3 years. He’s been treasured by staff and volunteers and his jovial personality and sweet demeanor has won the hearts of every dog he's lived with over the years.

Last Tuesday, March 9th, Doll drove Midnight to New Orleans for his flight to Chicago where his new guardian whisked him home to meet his new family. Kathy and her 3 sons and 3 dogs adopted Midnight. Kathy, a friend and once roommate, of our IDA's Connie Newhall, learned of our sanctuary through Connie and decided she was ready to adopt another dog. She likes her all male dog family and when she asked about adopting one of our dogs, Midnight came right to mind. Midnight loves boy dogs - he loves the camaraderie. Midnight’s trademark is how he walks us around his enclosure with one of our hands gently in his mouth.

We will miss our Midnight, but will always be thankful for knowing him and never giving up hope that he’d one day have his own family.

A quick dunk in the pool.


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