Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Confronting Backyard Breeders

Debbie Young, one of IDA's first responders during Hurricane Katrina, was in the Jackson, MS Petsmart volunteering at an adoption drive when a young girl came in with a puppy that was way too young to be away from her mother. The puppy didn't have any teeth and was estimated to be under four weeks old. The dog's guardian said she was told by the breeder she bought the dog from to buy the dog solid food, which the dog clearly wouldn't be able to eat. Debbie instructed the girl on the proper feeding for a puppy of this age.

Unfortunately this situation is not unusual. Backyard breeders set up shop all over Mississippi along well-traveled roads. In Jackson, there are several breeders who've set up shop in parking lots along the edge of County Line Road - one of the most heavily traveled roads in Jackson. None of these breeders are required to have a business license or permit. The businesses along the road, whose parking lots these breeders use, have complained about this for years. Amazingly, a local church recently wanted to hold a fundraising yard sale in a parking lot along County Line Road, the same parking lot some of these breeders use, and was denied a permit by the city.

Debbie has been battling these breeders for years and in this instance contacted Doll at Project Hope the local NBC affiliate, WLBT, for help. Doll and WLBT confronted the breeders - please see the newsclip below. Fed up with what seems to be preferential treatment these breeders receive, Debbie and Doll are working on a local ordinance that would regulate and likely stop this activity from happening.


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