Thursday, July 31, 2008

Weekly Report for July 31, 2008

from Doll:

The grazers meet in the drive every morning for a new day. They wrestle and chit chat and then Alice and Phoenix break loose and run to the pond, the other girls and Cloud wander down to say 'hi' to arriving staff, tease buddies, and the like. When Billingsley and I head for the hill the crew joins us.

Yesterday, Phoenix discovered an old leg bone, a reminder that our sanctuary was once a cattle farm. She ran too fast for me to get a picture of her carrying it. When she laid it down Billingsley grabbed it and picked right up where she'd left off.

Phoenix is a busy girl. She makes certain Norman is still in his hideout until the chicken area gate is repaired. Norman's brothers don't like him so he's still under house protection.

Penny Lane is the beautiful and very sweet little red dapple who arrived the other day. It was very said, her guardian suffers from leukemia, her third bout with cancer, and she wanted to make certain Penny Lane would be well cared for. It happened to be her birthday and probably was a birthday present for her knowing she wouldn't have to worry about her Penny Lane.

Special and Awesome, the two puppies that turned up at Laure's house a few weeks back, are doing fantastic. They were in such bad shape when Lauren rescued them and we feared Awesome wouldn't make it. They are both doing terrific and will be headed to Denver on our next transport.

The kittens too are prospering. I did get alarmed today though when I heard sneezing - we'll just have to watch and see.

Kaleidoscope is a very unhappy cat. She hides form us and from the cats all day long. We haven't given her something to hide in because we were hoping she'd give in and join the other cats. That hasn't happened, so well have to try something else to make her more comfortable.

A hoarder just outside of Oakland, MS has many needy animals. After visiting I believe we can help them and her, too.

We're working on other cases and we'll share more when it's appropriate.


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