Thursday, August 7, 2008

Weekly Report for August 7, 2008

From Doll:

We are again preparing for a trip to take our puppies and kittens to be placed through our friends at Every Creature Counts (ECC). This transport will include over 50 puppies and kittens who will all have a better chance at finding a good home at ECC.

Brittany, our 12-year-old volunteer is back. She's returned after traveling with her family during for the summer. Brittany is as helpful as she is delightful.

One of the young surgeons poses for us after completing the last of the days surgeries. Again we are indebted to Dr. Bushby and his team. They have afforded our animals the surgeries required for our transports and freed our budget from the burden of costly surgeries.

Lauren aids Ossie Alderman with his mother dog. She came along for the day while her pups were being spayed. We trimmed her nails and kept her comfortable. At the end of the day she returned home with the Aldermans and one of her puppies that was promised a local home. Her other 3 pups will be included on our transport.

Mr. Peabody will make the trip to CO in the near future. He is recovering from a serious case of mite infestation. A dear woman saw him at a rabbit breeders and begged to be allowed to bring him to us. Brittany noted, "he's a meat rabbit", to which I responded that he was no meat rabbit now.

Cookie ponders the possibility of opening one of the emu's feed bags before we can close the storage door. He quickly moves on when the watermelon party starts.

Biscuit, the handsome gray tabby with Lauren is home. He had a stay at the vets to determine what might be causing his upset stomach. The diagnosis is a probable food allergy. Lauren is happy to have back 'the biscuit maker'.

Lauren and I spent an early evening trapping pups at a truck stop in Vaiden, MS. Montana, Nevada and Cheyenne have all been rescued. Back at the Sanctuary Nevada wondered from the safety of the porch and when he found himself alone in the trees he began to howl. I was already on his trail.

Here's a photo of me with Elaine Adair, president of MS SPAN, at this weekend's conference in Jackson, MS. The conference was well attended by rescuers and humane representatives from across the state. MS SPAN will be opening a high volume, low cost spay/neuter clinic in the fall.

Cindy Bailey poses with Rapunzel. Cindy is a longtime friend of Hope Sanctuary and is fostering our little Rapunzel.

Finally, these 3 horses are the subject of an ongoing cruelty investigation. In this photo they're dusting the dirt in search of any morsel to eat. We're working with local law enforcement to seize them.


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