Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Weekly Update for July 7, 2008

From Doll:

We've had some really positive media coverage this week. Delta Today, which is a publication of Mississippi Power and is distributed to all their customers, gave us a center spread and the reporter did a really nice job. Also, Grenada's Daily Star newspaper came out yesterday to do a story about the state of the economy and the importance of providing help locally to those in need, be they human or non-human.

Unfortunately, we're receiving a higher than normal number of calls from people locally seeking help for abused, abandoned and neglected animals. We are doing our best to offer advice and help guide them to local resources, where there are any. We are working directly with several complainants to pursue the more egregious cases.

An example is a case right here at home in Carroll County. Today I asked for aid from the Carroll County Sheriff's Office with the neglect of an injured dog. A deputy agreed to speak to the animal's guardians and if they're unwilling or unable to afford veterinary care for her, they will be asked to surrender her to our custody.

We also received a visit from fellow rescuer Stephanie Ferguson, who brought us a juvenile dog (Samuel) ravaged by mange. The woman who found him didn't want him to go to the Winona Pound because she knew he'd be killed. The Pound is becoming notorious for their bad animal care practices and is once again overcrowded with pups and adults. We've called on the Mayor on several occasions to help get it cleaned up, but progress is slow.

Samuel is at Veterinary Associates in Grenada. We need to determine if he's suffering from Demodectic or Sarcoptic mange. If he's suffering from Sarcoptic mange, even as extensive as his sores are, we should be able to treat and cure him. However, if it's Demodectic mange, with an infection as bad as he has, we sadly may not be able to save him. We'll just have to wait for the results and as always, hope for the best.

Stephanie also brought a cat. The property owner where the cat showed up planned to shot her- an all too common occurrence in Mississippi. We asked Stephanie to run her to the Vet for a Feline Leukemia test. We've named her Stephanie in honor of her rescuer.

Linda and Peggy, sisters and owners of Two Sisters Cafe, also asked us to take a cat they found. They're big time 'cat people' and have rescued scores of cats and take very good care of them. We've offered to aid with placement through transport if we have room on one of our upcoming trips.

Yesterday, a Comcast employee rushed in to ask for help with a young dog he found on the road. Cody is now doing fine. He's very skinny, but that's something easily remedied here.

We also had a visit yesterday from a woman who came in with three pups she rescued from the side of the road. Sadly, one of their siblings had been struck and killed. A fate these three would no doubt have also suffered had she not acted. Coconut, Melody, and Adam are adorable and improving.

Nora, too, arrived yesterday. Terrified and covered with parasites, we bathed and inoculated her. Now more at ease, she met and played with Blueberry, Samantha and Susie.

Speaking of Susies, I awoke this morning to huge racket, one of our pigs, Susie, was strolling around in the dog area. She twisted her gate completely off it's hinges. Not satisfied with a stroll near the trees where there are no dogs, she was to face-to-face with several dog clans while several of our 'grazers' (dogs who roam free at the Sanctuary) trotted along with her. No one was hurt and with a little wrangling, Susie was back in the safety of her area.

Finally, we are happy to welcome Hayden to our crew. He is my weekend assistant. Keeping things in the family can be a good, or a not so good thing - in this case it's very good. Phillip and Lauren are siblings and Hayden is their cousin. Welcome Hayden.


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