Monday, July 26, 2010

July Transport to Every Creature Counts

In the early morning hours of Thursday, July 22, Doll along with the rest of the Project Hope staff and with help from Lisa Martin, began loading a truck with 57 dogs and 12 kittens for another transport to Every Creature Counts (ECC) in Denver. Doll and Lisa would shoulder the responsibility of safely transporting these animals to Denver, but the additional help in loading everyone up was welcomed.

This transfer of the animals to our adoption partners in Denver couldn't happen soon enough. The spring and summer months have hit Mississippi shelters hard with record numbers of animals being abandoned and surrendered.

Despite the heat and a few glitches with the truck, the trip to Denver went well. Upon arrival, Every Creature Counts staff was waiting to help off-load. Many of the animals from this trip were in adoption centers this past weekend and ECC reports that several have already been placed into loving homes.These transports are always special, but this one was made even more special because of several notable animals and their stories that were aboard this transport:

Sarah Louise now and then.

Sarah Louise found her way to Project Hope just two short months ago. Her face was horribly disfigured - all the skin had been eaten away by demodectic mange.

One last goodbye to Coal.

Coal, the nearly hairless, starving puppy rescued on a dirt road near Union, MS.

Queen in Lisa's arms at Every Creature Counts.

Queen, rescued and cared for by our friend and colleague Debbie Young.

Will departs the truck.

Will was one of nine dogs transferred from the Bolivar Cleveland Animal Shelter in cleveland, MS. Scores of dogs from this shelter have been adopted through these efforts.

Edwin says his goodbyes.

Edwin was rescued by a friend and volunteer Billy Halfacre. Edwin suffered a mangled front leg that had to be amputated.

Ottie at ECC / Miss Priss arriving at Project Hope / Blue at ECC

Ottie, Miss Priss, and Blue knew only deprivation in the clutches of the hoarder who keep them. The world of compassion they now know wasn’t even conceivable a few months ago.

Our work is a team effort and we want to thank everyone who helped us with not only these animals, but all the animals we've had a hand in rescuing over the years.


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