Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sarah Louise

A few weeks ago, Doll received an urgent call from a Duck Hill resident begging for help for an injured dog. Doll grabbed her headlamp and a crate and headed out. The house where the dog had wandered to was only about 8 miles from Project Hope. When Doll arrived the entire family was out waiting for her.

The dog had wedged herself behind some items on the porch of their house. She was facing the road and her face could be seen between the porch rails. Doll didn't know what had happened to her, but one thing was certain, the injuries to her face were horrific. Had she been mauled? Hit by a car?

Sarah Louise.

The father assisted Doll in getting the dog safely into a crate and placed into the truck. Doll headed for town and called Dr. Abernathy. It was a Sunday evening, but he answered and said he’d meet her at the clinic.

Doll arrived at the clinic before Dr. Abernathy and upon further inspecting the dog's face believed the wounds to be burns. Her wounds looked similar to those Phoenix had endured.

Dr. Abernathy arrived and we moved the dog inside and on to the exam table. In the light we could see that the creases in her legs were also bloody and raw. It was clear now that no person had done this to this poor dog, but that she was being ravaged by demodectic mange.

Dr. Abernathy gave her pain meds and began a round of antibiotic. She'd stay at least the night at the clinic. Doll took pictures and named this sweet angel, Sarah Louise.

Dr. Abernathy administers meds to Sarah Louise.

The next morning Doll was at the clinic to check on her. Sarah, the clinic attendant and namesake for Sarah Louise, wiped Sarah Louise’s face and blood began to drip to the floor. We sprayed her face with a medication we hoped would ease Sarah Louise’s pain and gave her morning meds.

Sarah Louise is comfortable and we are keeping her clean and medicated. She's making progress.

Sarah Louise was obviously someone's companion - she clearly had been fed until recently and wasn’t on the streets for long. How could anyone watch her face be eaten away and do nothing to help her. What’s really horrid is that it’s likely Sarah Louise was turned out because of her condition.

We will keep you posted on her progress.


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