Monday, May 24, 2010

Saving Frankie

Everyone heard him crying. Employees from both Franklin Financial and The Great Wall Restaurant in Grenada searched for the kitten, but couldn't figure out where the cries were coming from. Finally an employee identified the cries as coming from the restaurant's grease recycling dumpster, but there was no way to reach the tiny kitten. Exhausted and getting desperate they called Animal Control, but no one was on duty. Then an employee remembered the nice lady in Duck Hill who helps animals and they called Doll in to investigate.

Ten miles away Doll was in the midst of cleaning the cattery, of all things, at Project Hope when the call came in from the desperate employee. Doll immediately responded because it was getting late and wanted to be there when the employees were still there.

Upon arrival, Doll also heard the kitten's cries, but was stumped as to how to reach the little fellow. The kitten had crawled into one of the holes the truck uses to lift the bin for dumping. Hard to imagine a more dangerous place for a tiny kitten to be - it would also make for a difficult rescue.

What to do?

After pondering how to get him out, Doll settled on using a vacuum cleaner. Hoping the suction would pull him out or he would flee the noise and run into the carrier. He opted for the latter and once the vacuum was fired up, he bolted right into the carrier placed at the entrance of the other opening.

Finally safe.

Hissing and trying to make himself appear as dangerous as a 4 week old kitten could, he was now safe - whether he realized it or not. Frankie, as he is now named, is recovering from his ordeal at the Project Hope cattery. He appears healthy and no worse for wear and will be on the list for adoption in another few weeks.


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