Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Transport: On The Road Again

Doll hugs Miracle just before placing her on the transport to Denver.

Nobody actually enjoys driving for 48 hours of 60 hour trip - I mean come on. But when you're driving animals, who for the most part have lived their lives mostly unwanted, to a place where they are not only wanted, but are treated like little celebrities, it's totally worth it. Of course, it doesn't hurt to be highly motivated and I've never met anyone more motivated to give animals a fighting chance than Doll Stanley.

So today, Doll and Lisa leave once again for Every Creature Counts (ECC) with a truckload of wonderful animals all ready to start a new life in the Denver area. Normally we wouldn't be able do another transport so quickly on the heels of the last transport, but ECC has a big adoption weekend coming up this weekend, so we pulled some strings to make it happen.

Better late than never - here are just a few of the animals who started a new life in the Denver area this past weekend.

Lisa hugs Whitley.


Mike and Joey.

Chapman and Carver.



One last check by Dr. Abernathy before we depart.


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