Thursday, August 27, 2009

We Need Your Help!

We don't beg lightly, but our wish list hasn't had a dent put in it a long, long time. We're also running dangerously low on funds due to recent transports, vaccines and veterinary costs.

Doll says it best:

Project Hope needs a truck tough enough to pull our large horse trailer. We plan to convert our trailer so that we may use it for transport of dogs and cats as well as horses, emus, pigs and the other species we care for. Renting a truck each time we travel takes resources badly needed elsewhere. We're also in need of a tractor, equipped with a bushhog, blade, and scoop.

We need funds for transports, vet bills, medicine, feed, etc. Our water bill alone is sometimes as much as $300 a month.

We have electric and plumbing work that must be done, and fences that need repair. Many of the dog's resting decks need attention. The dogs play and lounge on them and they take a beating. The decks and buildings that are supported by blocks don't hold up long term and the cement work they need is enormously expensive. We want to preserve what we have and provide a safe and comfortable environment for the animals and we need your support to do that.

Please consider our needs and give generously to support our life-saving work.

You can send donations directly to Project Hope at:

52 County Road 241
Grenada, MS 38901

Please contact us directly at 662-237-0233 if you live in the Grenada area and would like to donate goods or services.


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