Thursday, July 16, 2009

Update for July 16, 2009

from Doll:

Hi all,

We've finally gotten electricity in our cattery! The cats are as thrilled as we are. There have been more than a few dark winter nights that I've had to wear a headlamp to give meds and clean up, but no more! We have some more improvement projects that we'll be sharing with you shortly.

I'm happy to report that Elizabeth is healing and feeling better and Lauren is on new medication to aid with her blood pressure issues. Sanctuary friends Billy and Joe will be helping while I'm in Los Angeles at the AR2009 Conference. Joe is an absolute perfectionist who really knows what he's doing. He helped last summer and then disappeared on us. We're so thankful to have him back.

Amy is preparing for tough tests, but she came to aid yesterday and brought her partner with her today.

Just before Amy arrived the Greens came to visit Christopher, the American Bully pup Mr. Green found in the woods last Saturday. They were delighted to see he was doing so well. Poor little guy - he was covered in ticks, foxtails had bore themselves into and infected his toes, and he was very hungry. Lauren's mom and stepfather are thinking about adopting him.

The Greens asked about Baxter, our fella who lost his home when he and his guardian's grandchild had conflict in the kitchen. Mr. Green will try to help find a home for Baxter.

The Greens hadn't been on site for long when Elaine Adair and a fellow Mississippi Spay and Neuter (MS SPAN) team member arrived. We're trying to find a site for their high volume spay/neuter truck to service this region. Meetings with local vets are a must, as they're concerned with losing business. Elaine is sure she can ease their concerns that the van will compete with them. Mr. Green offered that he will try to find us a site in Grenada.

While we were planning and brainstorming, two young women drove up with a dog (Maureen) who'd been chained and abandoned. Maureen was covered in ticks and most likely has heartworm. Her chest is swollen and the test we gave her today showed positive.

This afternoon we received a call from a dear woman who always calls when an animal in Duck Hill is in trouble. A chained dog (Caroline) who'd escaped a life of neglect and malnourishment, and is riddled with parasites, was on the loose. We immediately responded. We managed to find and grab Caroline and she came home with us.

Friday a couple who are members of the newly formed Winona Humane Society called to ask if we could help them with a neglected dog (Drew). They had been cited for having a dog off leash and fined, even though this wasn't their dog. They tried to explain to the deputy that this wasn't their dog, but a stray they'd been helping, but the deputy wasn't having it. They just couldn't surrender him to the pound, so Drew is adjusting to his new home at the Sanctuary and our friends are very grateful.

Amy's partner took pictures of our dogs who are ready for adoption. Amy will try to get some on the next Homeward Bound trip and will share photos of certain dogs with potential foster and forever homes.

Thursday I went undercover to investigate several complaints. I can't go into detail for obvious reasons, but will provide more details when I can. What I can say is that my goal for the summer and fall is to document as many puppymills and abusive shelters as possible.

It's been a busy week in so many ways and a very good week for the animals we are privileged to help. Here are a few updates on recent animals we've featured on the blog.

Thumbelina is home from the vet and her little face is healing.

Don Geyton called to report that Lucille is doing well.

The Carroll County Rd 129 case has taken a serious turn. The judge has told Deputy Brad he knows the "owner" and "won't take a man's dogs".

I'm going to work a couple of angles to try and change his mind. There is no turning away. More and hopefully better news later.


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