Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dog Neglect

from Doll:

I received a frantic call from a man we'd recently helped with the rescue of three puppies. His mail carrier had asked him to call us to report the neglect of some dogs on her route. She told him that after delivering mail to a residence on a dead end street, she thought she’d be sick. She said the dogs were in a severe state of neglect; emaciated, chained and lacking proper shelter.

Water, infested with mosquito larvae.

Slop for food. No idea what this "food" was.

I was stressed by the report. Amy was unable to come in from Starkville to help with animal care, which left me far too busy handling the Sanctuary animal's needs to follow-up on the report, so I called to see if the Sheriff could investigate. Unfortunately, there was only one deputy on duty Saturday, and he was busy elsewhere and couldn't guarantee he'd make it by. That left me no choice but to try and scramble out to check on these poor dogs. At the end of round one of Sanctuary animal care, I went to investigate. Unfortunately, I found the report to be completely accurate. The conditions the dogs were being kept in were outrageous.


I established who the dogs belonged to. Their “owner” was not home, but I was able to speak with his adult daughter about the dogs. She said she'd speak to her father about them, but it was clear from my conversation with her that her father wasn't going to do anything to improve the conditions for his animals.


I documented the neglect of nine dogs and noted there might be another dog that didn’t come out from beneath the dilapidated house next to the primary residence. I will be speaking with the Sheriff and Justice Court Judge to work on seizing the dogs and charging their "owner".

A dog was sealed up inside this old dog box.
It was almost a 100 degrees outside.

We could literally be at cruelty investigations 24/7 and never get to all the cases reported. We'll provide an update to this case as soon as we can.

Get me out of here.


keli August 7, 2009 at 3:13 PM  

Doll, I don't know if you ck this comment section, I know how extremely busy u are, I just wanted to leave a short note, thanking u for all the animals that you have helped. i will write you a email to your email address, its just that I have never seen anything so heartbreaking as what I have seen on this site, and I feel like I may be too weak to go back to this site too soon, so I wanted to send you one right now, with tears streaming down my face, i might not be strong enough to return here for a bit, and i need you to know how much i love you, i don't need to know you, i know how you fight every day to save these beautiful creatures, and my heart is breaking, and my mind is filled with images that no one should see, because these images should never even exist. i need to help somehow, I am here in regina, sask, in western canada, there is animal cruelty everywhere, i guess, you just never expect it, ever, how do these people sleep at night. I will email you at your site, i just want so desperately to tell you how much what you do, really matters, it really does, i am soo far away, but i feel such passion for animals of all species, that are suffering at the hands of evil humans, and my heart is breaking, and what do I do? hug my dog? give my cats extra affection today? how do i deal with this helpless ness feeling? keligletsu@hotmail.com

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