Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Weekly Report Ending June 15th - Quick Update

from Doll

We have a transport leaving for Denver tomorrow and will be updating with photos soon.

Sunday was a day of work, work, work, work.

Monday we mainly focused on animal care and preparation for the Mississippi State University “Fix ‘em” team which came Tuesday (6/9). We called in a bunch of foster animals to be spayed/neutered by the team.

Tuesday animal care was handled between spay/neuter shifts. The team altered 15 cats and kittens and 16 dogs and puppies. One of the vet students took a shine to Dee Dee and her interest blossomed to the adoption of Dee Dee, now Cheyenne, on Sunday. Clean up from the spay/neuter event lasted until dusk.

Dee Dee, now adopted and renamed Cheyenne.

Wednesday was recovery day and routine care. It was also Elizabeth's birthday.

Thursday I received several anxious calls regarding a kitten in a storm drain, who was rescued by the Grenada Animal Control Officers; pups found in a dumpster at the Montgomery County dump - Winona, MS. Animal Control Officer, Charlie Brown, went for the pups and I met him to bring them to Project Hope. The pound is full and pups usually succumb to parvo at the facility. I also grabbed Mazie, who had been at the pound for awhile and was now in a run with five much larger dogs. I met with the president of the Winona Humane Society, who is also the editor for the Winona Times, to discuss how we can better publicize the plight of animals at the pound.

Charlie Brown holds one of the six puppies rescued
from a dumpster at the Montgomery County dump.

Linda, friend and fellow cat rescuer, asked me to check if a dog she was interested in was still at the pound - he was, so I grabbed him and she took him home. He’s so shy he won’t come out of his hiding place. If anyone can make him feel at home it's Linda and her wonderful sister Peggy.

Friday was absorbed by animal care and lawn maintenance.

Saturday was work, work, work and rain, rain, rain.

Sunday a young man brought a young skunk and I sent him to Nancy, a wildlife rehabilitator in Yalobusha County. Next Kristie and her mom came to adopt Dee Dee. It was a long day, but well done.

Medical Update

Several dogs were under treatment for mange. Barney has chronic ear trouble and is being treated. Kendall’s bad eye is being medicated and looks better. I gave several kittens penicillin shots for their upper respiratory. Shots and routine preventive meds were administered throughout the week.


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