Thursday, May 14, 2009

Update for May 14, 2009

A very concerned Doll with a very sick Danielle.

We've been very concerned this week for our mare, Danielle, who foundered from the excess new growth of grass. On Friday both Doc and our farrier, Raymond, rushed to Danielle’s aid. I had called sobbing because Elizabeth discovered Danielle staggering when she went to feed them. Just the day before things were looking up for Danielle because she had begun recovering from thrush, also related to all the rain we’ve experienced.

Danielle was given medication for pain and confined in the double stall by the back entrance to the barn. Amy went to the feed store for shavings to cushion the stall and aid in keeping it dry and easy to clean. The other horses can visit with her while she’s kept safely away from the tempting grass. Hay left from last year has been used for bedding. This hay is low in protein and will keep Danielle full and happy, but not hungry. The other horses are being watched and we are expecting a full recovery from Danielle.

Yesterday the team from Mississippi State University (MSU) came to do spays/neuters. We were really rushed in getting prepared for their visit with Lauren being out sick. Fortunately, Lauren was back yesterday to help.

Dr. Bushby, our buddy and the MSU veterinarian in charge, wasn't able to make the trip yesterday for our spay/neuter day, but Dr. Cocker was able to fill in and get the job done. And what a job it was - the team spayed or neutered nearly 40 animals in yesterday. Many of these animals are in foster care and will either be on our next Homeward Bound transport or our next transport to Denver.

It was a very busy and challenging week, but we managed to make it through. Somehow we always do...

Lastly, we received a visit from Kirk Academy Senior Class representatives, who arrived with a pick-up truck bed full of feed that their class had raised money to buy. We are very, very grateful. Grenada Star reporter, Brittany Huggins, came with the students to cover the story.


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