Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Update for April 21, 2009

from Doll

Lauren bought a house and took a week of vacation to work with family and friends to make her place special to her. There is really never a good time to be shy a team member, but backing each other is part of what we do.

Elizabeth and I shared responsibilities, each falling in place to use our strengths to care for the animals and address the needs of the sanctuary grounds and facilities. We planned lunch around delivery and relief efforts.

Chele White, our treasured friend and co-transporter, recently alerted us to a Land-O-Lakes dog food give-away. We did manage to get in on the event. Elizabeth and I delivered some of this food to Carol and Tommy Griffin for the dogs they routinely feed at the Winona dumps (where our Ali, Drew, Wendy, Simone and Tobey were rescued.) We rescued the pups shortly after they were dumped in a dumpster, but Tobey had survived at least 3 years of abandonment with a painfully dislocated hip.

Chele steps to the plate for grueling transports, like this coming weekend; times when we just need help, like this past weekend; and with goodies - like the Land-O-Lakes food donated this past week. We are so blessed to have her as a friend and team member.

Friday our friends at the Tillatoba truck stop called to ask for help for 3 dogs believed to have been abandoned. Elizabeth and I responded, capturing all 3 dogs.

Mornings are about meds, feeding, cleaning, and laundry. Afterwards, Elizabeth is prioritizing fence repairs and reinforcements, while I continue animal care or, if time permits, leave to run errands. Evenings are devoted to more meds, paperwork, communications, more laundry, and keeping up with the needs of our pups.

New Arrivals

Lyla and her boys, Lex and Jacob, took right to the comfort and security that the sanctuary has given them. These were the 3 abandoned dogs at the Tillatoba truck stop. Living just off the interstate and with 18-wheelers rolling in and out, the dogs were most certainly in jeopardy. Only a few years ago a sleek, handsome black lab made it to the door of the truck stop after being struck on Interatate 55. I responded to the call and this precious dog became our Brian. One of the employees of the truck stop contributed significantly towards surgery for Brian. His elbow was crushed beyond repair and amputation at the shoulder was necessary. Friend and fellow rescuer, Pat Hall of Jackson, asked a reporter to feature Brian in an article on the need for guardians for special needs and challenged homeless animals. We’ve also been called to aid chickens who escaped their transport cages while being transported to slaughter. The employees at the truck stop are very compassionate and we've been called upon to help in numerous animal rescues from their lot.

Lex stops playing just long enough for a photo.


Clementine has been adopted. She'll remain at the sanctuary for a few more weeks until we get her demodectic mange under control. Her new guardian, Jason, is the father of a friend of Elizabeth's and he and his family had previously adopted a family of gerbils from us.

Our darling Clementine.


Many of our pups were to head east last weekend, but the transporter was unable to make the trip and it was too late to arrange for another qualified driver/caregiver. The trip wasn’t abandoned, just postponed.

Eight of our pups were to head east with Homeward Bound's monthly transport, but the dreaded kennel cough blew in with the storms of last week. High and plunging low temperatures seem to throw nature into confusion and lend to viral strikes.

We were also supposed to do a big transport to our friends at Every Creature Counts in Colorado last weekend, but because of the kennel cough, it was postponed. Thankfully we've been able to reschedule for this coming weekend.


Sonya, former staffer and still valued team member, is fostering a family of pups for us and caring for 18 pups and adults she’s rescued. Some of them will be altered this coming Wednesday.

Dr. Abernathy ("Doc") is fostering Dumpling, aka Coco, a dog abandoned at his clinic. A nice couple in town is trying to rescue 3 pups abandoned near their home will take them to Doc when they catch them.

Elizabeth and Lauren have helped with fostering a few of our pups and more sanctuary friends, Peggy and Linda, are also helping.

In all we have 39 dogs in foster care.

Vet Care

A precious little Boston Terrier mix we rescued from the Winona pound is hanging in there. She’s pulled through her bout with parvo and is now recovering from surgery on both eyes. She suffered “cherry-eye”.

Barney, Mary Jane and Kendall are being treated for ear troubles.

Shots, external parasite prevention, worming, and a.m.-p.m. cough meds are being administered. We’re rotating groups for 3-4 day worming with Panacur.

Doc has been out to see Sabra, our beloved goat. She has an unexplained injury to her leg, and is missing a patch of hair on her back. She’s better now, but pain had slowed her down a few days.

Doll’s Take

Yikes!!! What a week. I know I often speak of what an intense week it was, but this past one was exceptional. I’m so pleased to work with such compassionate people. The animals here are all here because they needed help. Some were in more dire straights than others. We’re repulsed by the reasons for their suffering and moved, compelled to do what’s needed to enter their world and intervene on their behalf and working with precious people makes it all that much more possible.

I’m inspired by every act of selflessness my collegues and friends perform.

Saturday, Chele, with her bum knee, came from Starkville (two hours away) to help Amy and me. She knew Amy didn’t feel well and I badly needed assistance. Love you Chele! Chele is truly someone we can all count on when the going gets rough.

Amy "supervises" as Chele grooms Buttercup.


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