Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Death of a Princess

On the afternoon of May 28th Cinderella (Cindy), Doll's companion of 15 years died. She passed peacefully and in one of her favorite spots at Project Hope. She will be deeply missed and we all mourn her loss.

From Doll:

Once upon a time I was in route to a cruelty case with law enforcement and a representative from the Mississippi Department of Agriculture. There were two abrupt stops. The first was for a mom and pups who fled the road for the safety of the woods. It was raining as I made my way through the thick thorns and stickers that lined the road. Now covered with scratches and in near complete darkness, I caught up to and was able to grab one of the puppies.

Back in route, Louis, my husband, decided he would have to drive if we were to arrive at a reasonable hour. Of course it wasn't long before we came across another helpless animal. This time a tiny, pitiful, gorgeous little girl sitting beside the road. A little abandoned princess. There were no residences for miles. Who would have put this adorable baby out?

Louis feel in love, but Mommy was her favorite. Louis couldn't put his foot or arm on my side of the bed without her tiny teeth telling him he had trespassed.

Aside from Cindy's protection of my side of the bed, she was truly born a little well-mannered princess. She never had to learn anything - she picked everything so quickly. She was so well behaved and dear, she was welcomed everywhere and would often accompany me to my friends Larry and Gay Evaldi's house.

Time passed and Cindy felt she was above living at a sanctuary for "dogs", mere "animals". Gay and Larry moved, crushing both Cindy and I. So when I was busy or had to travel, Sherri Norquist cared for our princess.

Not long ago Cindy told me she was OK with the sanctuary as long as she could shadow me. We had a very good time. It was common for folks in town to ask where the pup that sunned herself on the dash was - "Oh, I see her", they'd add.

Our little precious died before noon today. Our loss is mighty, but the fifteen years Cindy graced our lives will never be outdone, forgotten, or pulled from our hearts.

Goodbye my very precious Princess.


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